Not happy with your lender supporting non  - environmental  friendly investments? Want some of the profit from your lender to contribute to positive outcomes for the environment?


I have an agreement with a range of environmental groups to donate a cut of upfront and trailing commission to their cause. This means that your loan will keep contributing every year. Where there is no  agreement in place, I will donate the funds and then organise a referral agreement




I have been a mortgage broker for the past 15 years having written over $150 million in loans. I  am now in a postiion where I would like to give a little back. Working in finance doesn't always lend itself to enable ones self  to support "green" initiatives but hopefully over time my endeavours through EnviroLoans will be able to put some cash back into some organisations that will be able to make a difference.


Brokers get paid an upfront commission and a trailing commisison on the balance of the loan each month. On a loan of $500,000, the organisation would get paid around $600 of the upfront commission and then around $200 a year the first year, decreasing as the loan gets paid out.  But over the first 10 years of the loan the amount paid would be around $2600. Commissions do differ between lenders and therefore commissions would vary from loan to loan.



If you know of any other organisations that would like to also participate in this please feel free to get in touch with me on the contact details below.  If you would like to promote this to your data base to raise money then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss how this can be done.